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Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Canada

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic®, a subsidiary of Park-Ohio Holdings Corporation®, our total efforts are devoted to the manufacture and service of the electromagnetic induction equipment that is used for the heating, heat treating, and melting of metals.Canada Service Facility

Our expertise and product line include:

  • Coreless-Induction Furnaces
  • Induction Heating Applications
  • Heat Treat Applications
  • Power Supplies and Ancillary Equipment
  • Channel-Induction Melting Furnaces

Ajax TOCCO is a progressive and engineering-oriented company. We have developed many of the metals processing methods that have become industry standards, such as:

  • Jet Flow Melting Inductors Ajax Tocco Induction Services
  • Zinc Coating Pots
  • Quench and Temper Heat Treating of Oilwell Pipe
  • Galvanneal Process of Steel Strip
  • Hollow Bar Coils for Coreless Furnaces 

Serving Canada for over 50 Years! Our worldwide organization is the largest and longest established in the industry, and our after-sales service and support are second to none. We also attend to the details of metals processing, an example being the innovations we have made in the development of water-cooling systems. You may be confident that the system we recommend will be the best for your application.

For Immediate Local Assistance call: 1-800-421-5274

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