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Consumable Products

Mainstage has been supplying consumable products to the entertainment industry since our establishment in 1981. With high quality product lines from leading industry manufacturers, Mainstage is a full line supplier of lamps, stage and lighting hardware, fabric, patterns, gel, tape, and scenery products. Anything that is normally consumed during the course of a production can be obtained at reliably reasonable prices from any of our offices. Because we have a high volume of domestic and international sales, we provide very competitive pricing. Free price quotations are available for large volumes of supplies or rare products.  

  Our offices stock Lee and Rosco gel in a large variety of colors. Our sales associates are widely versed in color techniques and lighting design, creating a valuable resource for our customers. Mainstage also addresses many known problems, such as heat and ultraviolet rays, with three Rosco products: Rosco Thermashield, Heat Shield, and UV Filters. The use of these products has been proven to extend gel life.
Extensive lines of gobos are featured in both the Mainstage catalog or through links to top manufacturers’ online pattern catalogs. Patterns are used to project specific images, simulate scenery, create a particular atmosphere, or add depth to a stage or video picture. We carry the full lines of Rosco, Apollo, and GAM patterns as well as offering both Rosco and Apollo custom patterns. With custom patterns, virtually any design can be made into any shape desired from camera-ready prints, digital files or faxes. Also available are Prismatics, Colorizers, and Colorwaves. All three of these products serve as gorgeous additions to other patterns or even stand alone to create any ambiance.  
  Our scenery products include a large selection of paint lines, ultraviolet paint effects, Rosco Foamcoat, Wonderflex and Fosshape, scenery muslin, vinyl floors, and breakaway bottles. Other products include the ever-important gaff tape, lamps, spike tape, fog & bubble fluid, glow tape, and plastic wrap.

Every production should keep in mind Rosco Flamex, which comes in six flame retardant products to serve every need:
Flamex DF - Delicate Fabric
Flamex NF - Natural Fiber
Flamex PA - Paint Additive
Flamex PC - Paper & Cardboard
Flamex SF - Synthetic Fiber
Flamex WD - Raw Wood Penetrating