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Lighting, Dimming and Control

Since 1981, Mainstage has offered the latest in entertainment technology - in 1982, we were one of the first to bring digital dimming technology to the Wisconsin market. Since then, we have provided over $30 million in installation of lighting and dimming systems across the nation.  These projects range from very small venues to new construction and renovations to complicated interfaces of control consoles.

Fox Valley Lutheran Church - a full lighting and dimming system with custom manufactured curtains 
Mainstage's experience in integrating these lighting systems with custom curtain and rigging systems allows us to provide our customers with a complete theatre system.  Most entertainment dealers will only offer one brand of equipment.  Mainstage is proud to be an authorized dealer for most major lighting brands.  Our goal is to specifically meet your performance, installation and budgetary needs. We package the very best for the highest quality and most flexible systems available. 

Entertainment lighting takes many forms ranging from traditional fixed yoke Fresnels and Ellipsoidals to moving light mirror or yoke units.  There are a host of fixtures designed for specific uses: front, back, wash and cyc lighting, along with special effects. 

Dimming is a unit or units that manipulate the voltage to a lamp, made up of SCR or IGBT components to control the high voltage output (from 0 to 100%) to the theatrical fixtures.  These devices are electronically controlled by a firing card to either forward or reverse phase.  The firing cards are controlled by remote preset or computer consoles.  They are available in small and large dimmer packs, strips, or rack mounted modular units.

Control consoles are the remote devices that control the dimmers. These days, almost all consoles are some sort of computer and are available as foot switched, single and two scene presets, custom memory and PC based memory systems.

Basic Lighting and Dimming services:
The supply of small to large lighting systems, including our expert supervision of the installation and on-site maintenance and training.
 Pensacola Christian College - Crowne Center  Design: Consultation services from basic recommendations to written specifications and CAD drawings.  This can cover the complete facility including stage and auditorium dimensions, lighting and control, stage curtains and rigging, sound systems, flooring, catwalk placement and construction and related infrastructure issues. This service can include a free quotation on any replacement equipment or low cost bid document preparation.
Turn-key: Complete design and installation of all entertainment related equipment can be provided on a design/build basis or as a specialty contractor.

At Mainstage, we service what we sell - we know how important it is for you to have your equipment working and ready for your productions. We are authorized factory service agents for ETC, Colortran, Strand, Strong, Martin, and High End Systems, to name a few. 

Mainstage handles over 100 different manufacturers of entertainment equipment, including accessories and consumables, such as lamps, gels and patterns.  Our catalog is available for download, either complete or by section.

Whether you are new to the world of entertainment equipment or looking for more information on how lighting works, our Basic Theories for Theatrical Lighting pamplet is an invaluable tool.  It contains information on lighting theory and the equipment necessary for multi-purpose facilities.  There is also a very informative section dedicated to conquering "lighting noise".